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Consider hiring a clown for your birthday party entertainment!  The art of clowning is still alive and well!  A good clown can engage the crowd, make kids laugh, and represent a timeless innocence.   A clown show is the perfect addition to a carnival or circus themed party or event.

1. You want your kid to feel special.

A magical experience with Bri Crabtree

It’s their special day!  Give your kid the gift of magical laughter, and they will talk about it for weeks to come.  


2. You want your guests to be delighted.

Add surprise and delight to the party atmosphere with an enchanting entertainer.  A whimsical personality offers photo opps and adorable interactive video moments with the kids.

Audience Laughing at Bri Entertainment

A crowd cannot contain their laughter at Bri’s silly tricks.

3. Stop worrying about entertainment and relax!

A professional, trusted kid’s entertainer has visited hundreds of parties; they know what they’re doing.  A wonderful children’s entertainer can keep the little ones entertained from the moment they arrive to the time they leave.  Look for a show that runs 30-40 minutes.  You get a moment to relax on their special day and snap photos of their enjoyment.


Finding birthday party entertainment may seem like a huge chore, but it doesn’t have to be.  Click here to find out more about researching & hiring birthday party entertainment

Bri Crabtree is an award-winning children’s entertainer based in Oakland, CA.  If you have any questions contact her by email.

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