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When Bri found out she could be a professional entertainer, there was no going back. Captivated by magic as a child, and spending her teenage years learning to juggle and unicycle, Bri fully believes in living a life of creation, play, and joy. She brings this essence to each event and show.

Bri Crabtree is based in Oakland, CA. and has over 10 years experience in children’s entertainment. Bri is professionally trained in juggling, unicycling, magic, mime, dance, and clowning. She performs all over the world, from Dubai to local schools & neighborhoods in Oakland, CA. Bri is also a member of the International Jugglers Association and World Clown Association.

Vibrant, smart, and delightful, Bri is one of the busiest entertainers in the Bay Area; book your event early!

For more information about Bri’s professional stage acts for variety shows, please visit her other site: www.bricrabtree.com