The Best Way to Entertain a Large Group of Kids at a Birthday Party

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Finding the Right Entertainment

A Memorable Family Show

If your birthday party theme doesn’t obviously guide you to a clear choice such as an Elsa appearance at a Frozen party or a Jedi visit at a Star Wars party, then consider hiring a fun entertainer with a professional kid’s show that will bring the entire group, kids and parents, together with laughter.  

What better way to engage ALL of the children at once with NO lines?  Face painting and balloons are wonderful, but if you have a guest list of 15+ kids, the easiest solution that everyone can enjoy is an engaging, interactive show.

A wonderful kid’s entertainer will be able to hold the attention of a large audience for an average of 30-40 minutes.  Show-time gives parents a huge chance to breathe and relax.  I bet you are looking forward to that!

Finding the Right Entertainer

How am I going to find a reliable performer that will do a good job?  

Begin your search by asking other parents who have hired reliable birthday party entertainment.  Find recommendations through your parents group, online family resources, and local entertainment guides.  Avoid using “cattle call” sites like GigSalad or Gigmasters.  It’s a hassle to sign up for these services, a lot of haggling is involved, and it attracts newer, inexperienced performers.  Once you have a selection of names, check out their websites & reviews.  Any professional entertainer will have clear website and happily share reviews that attest to their skills.

Will the kids laugh?

Humor and entertainment is perceived drastically different between kids under 6 years old and kids ages 7 and up.  Choose an entertainer that specializes in your age group.    Younger children will need an entertainer that understands simple comedy & keeping a brisk pace.  Older children are more savvy to word-play jokes and impressive skills like magic or juggling.

How do I know my kid will like it?  

Ask your little one if they might enjoy a fun show!  Watch entertainer’s promo videos with your kiddo to see how they react.  Ask them questions about the entertainer.  Ask them if they want to meet this person and see the show.

How do I know I’m getting a unique & special show?

Use your 6th sense! What is your first impression of this performer?  Did something about them strike you as different?  What are they promising on their website?  If you have a vision, give them a call to chat.  An entertainer who cares about your party will spend time with you on the phone.  Many entertainers offer custom packages suited to your special vision.

 Who is the person I am hiring?  Can I trust this person?  

Research the performer’s website and read their “About” or “Bio” on their website.  They should mention how many years they have been in business, where they learned their skills, and some kind of passionate message about their job.  Is the entertainer involved in your community?  Many trusted kid’s entertainers will perform at local libraries, schools, and restaurants.  If you can bring your kids to a public show beforehand, even better!

When you find a great match…

Book early!

Research 3 months ahead of time. Popular kid’s entertainers can be booked up to 3 months in advance, and even more during holiday dates.

Seal the Deal

Expect to pay a deposit & sign a contract.  


Ya right, now you have to plan everything else!

I have been entertaining children for over 15 years.  I am still excited about entertaining children for another 15 years!!!  If you have any questions I am happy to help.

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