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Last year I was connected with Bread & Roses, an organization that brings free, live, quality entertainment to people who live in institutions or are otherwise isolated from society.   About once a month I bring the Silly Circus Show to daycares,  schools, and other non-profit community centers with children in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The 40 minute Silly Circus Show is full of juggling, magic, clowning, and other silly antics.  Here is one of my favorite clips from a few months ago:

See Bri in Action at the Kid’s Show

When I go to an event arranged by Bread & Roses, there is always a wonderful host volunteer who will acquaint me with the staff, and also introduce me to the kids.  The volunteer also submits a small report after the show.  I have to admit, reading these stories makes me smile and immediately schedule another show!

ESSENCE story by host Dennis McIntyre – “This was a highly enthusiastic pre-school audience. Bri had their undivided attention from the start. They were very demonstrative. One little girl sat in the front row wore her superheroine cape and a little pink Lone Ranger mask. As her friends howled, around her, she sat, impassive. But absolutely rapt at Bri’s pantomime and sleight of hand. It was almost as if the other kids weren’t in the room. Did I mention that she was the first one on her feet when Bri asked for a volunteer from the audience? Now that I think of it, she and Bri were the only ones in costume!”

Thank you Bread & Roses for the wonderful opportunity!




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